Digital Expense Management

Simplify your expense management processes by using Declaree. Employees are able to quickly and easily add their company expenses with the Declaree apps. Expense reports are submitted to the respective managers and easy selection of the correct categories and cost centers only leaves the financial controllers to check if the selection made matches the costs. For each step in the process, Declaree offers the perfect features to simplify the expense management process for everyone, from the employees to the financial controllers.

Easily add expenses to the app

Company costs can easily be entered using the web application or smartphone apps. Both smartphone apps are native, which means they can be used offline. When a stable internet connection is available the apps will synchronize the expense information to the webapplication. Set up Declaree to match the needs of your organization. Use categories to specify the type of costs (and link them directly to the correct ledger) and use cost centers to further allocate the expenses. It is also possible to collect more information on each expense, using the “Custom fields”option. The smartphone apps are available for free in both the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Would you rather have the app in your own company’s brand? Use the Declaree whitelabel feature.

Send reports in flexible workflows for approval

The added expenses have to be bundled in a report (e.g. Expenses May) before they can be (either manually or automatically) submitted to the manager. When the report is submitted, the approver will be defined based on either a hierarchical approval workflow, a project-based workflow or a Custom Workflow, tailormade to meet the needs of your organization. Employees can follow their report and see where in the process their report is located by checking the report status and current approver. Using Business Rules, approvers and financial controllers are directly made aware of expenses that might need extra attention.

Direct export to your accounting system

After the final approval of expense reports they can be exported to your financial software. Webservice connections are available of most popular cloud-based financial software such as Exact Online and Twinfield, standard export formats are available for on-premise software, as well as a very flexible export module where the correct format for all financial software can be generated (more about this under “Integrated Backoffice“).

Other features

Besides the perfect support of your expense management process, Declaree offers features to help digitalize other related processes as well. Such as creditcard integrations that automatically match receipts to transactions, the Business Traveler module that automatically calculates compensations and daily allowances based on trip time and possibilities to connect your existing HR software

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Digital Expense Management

Declaree enables a seamless digital and simple process surrounding expense management and thus optimizes the cost accounting for companies and their employees.

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Data Provisioning

The Analysis-Tool provides a clear overview of the expenses per employees within your organization. Detailed graphs offer you a perfect insight in expense patterns

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Integrated Backoffice

The seamless integration between Declaree and the ERP- or accounting system avoids making mistakes and automatically orders expenses in the correct categories.

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